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Ladies if your tired exhausted and looking for a total musical over haul have no fear the doctor is always available via the air-waves and please note he also makes house calls.

Believe it or not he is no ordinary Disc Jockey, but rather extraordinary due to the suave personality, charm and charisma he possess.

Dr. Ross grew up and lived in heart of Belmont where music was an abundant basket load of joy. He attended Mt. Hope Junior Secondary School, Malick Secondary School and further his education in the field of Marine Technology at CARIDOC, Study Electrical Installations at the John Donaldson Education facility in Port of Spain. Later on he was a student at UWI where he attained certification in Project Management, Event Management, Computer Science & Repairs, Graphic Design, Photography 1 & 2. Some might say 17 years was still too “young to soca” but at that age he landed his first big job as a Marine Technician at CARIDOC he repaired Ships and all the radars and communications equipment aboard any vessel. he worked on Coast Guard Vessels, Navy Vessels both locally & internationally for 15 years AS A Tech.

Later on he realized that having a job does not maximize one’s potential if you don’t own the fire, drive or passion to execute the job. Great responsibility comes with great understanding. All genres of melodious music, creped, into his heart and soul as he yearned an craved for the opportunity, to play music for both the old and young at heart. Of course his, family and friends were surprised and never give their support nevertheless so much so that his grandmother dream was to see him fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor. But music took first place in his life; he stepped into unfamiliar territory bought his first mixer from now deceased Mr. Sean Camps to commemorate his grand debut an as they say the rest was history.

8-Tracks and Cassettes were his favourite toys as you know in today’s world CD’s, USB and PC's run the town, he played at Princes Building Grounds, Woodford Square, exotic gallery, higher level, ALL the Major clubs, The Garden Sanctuary, Pier 1 and International concerts. Luckily he had a mentor Dr HYDE. ROSS took advantage to observe, learn the true nature of this exciting industry, he also pretty much adored the style of Jazzy Jeff and Run DMC.

Ladies he’s handsome all grown up now you have the chance to be a nurse’s aide in the driver’s seat he has the hottest ticket in the arena as a Radio Announcer of the “nations station” Vibe CT 105FM for the past couple of years. Dr. Ross has been the rising star DJ for a many mainstream parties like Party Time, even lending a helping hand as the mix master of music for the lyp-sync group Enigma. Song Splash, Pepsi Summer Tour @ the Liar Disco just to name a few hot spots he energised but delighted with the sweet songs of music as voiced in his own words it was “Klash after Klash, Fete After Fete”. He has engineered and played music for the likes of Dougie Fresh, Slick Rick, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Noel, The Temptations, Glenn Washington, Loyd D Stiff, and many international acts visiting our sweet island state.

He enjoys his job at 105 Fm indicating that this station definitely has the remedy for all walks of life via the simplest of methods merging old-school/retro with urban and adult contemporary by using basic creative means that connects and minimize any generational gap.

Dr. Ross is a Disc Jockey that is passionate about his craft he has received lots of awards, trophies to celebrate his journey of becoming one of the nation’s hottest DJ/ Radio Personalities on the 1’s & 2’s.

In 2008 we saw a different side of this spectacular DJ he delivered a parang composition called “THE WOODMAN” a double antar track, CHRISTMAS ON THE ROAD, DRINKING HARD and so much more all produced by The talented Incredible Myron B.

Truly without a doubt Dr. Ross is the future of Retro, Funk and old school dub and he is guaranteed to take you to the next level of uptown partying. Women of all ages hover over their radios as they melt an self-destruct over his mellow an sexy voice enough to make you go hmm that the ladies branded him THE LADIES DJ. fearless when he is in hype mode with the fire voice turn on And come without going just to be in line to assist the good doctor as he attends to his patients every musical need. Catch him on 105FM the nations station or in a party near you!

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